Nightstand with secret gun compartment

Where do you place your gun when you want it to be accessible, but there are small children in the house?  There are a number of safes and other lock options.  Here is another idea: furniture with secret compartments for your gun.  Yes, they lock, and even have keyless entry options.  You can get versions like the night stand in the picture to the left or larger versions perfect for hiding a shotgun.

Watch the below video, you will see the designer, Richard Gilbert, of Richard Gilbert Industries.  He has a young granddaughter and awoke from a nightmare where he “saw” her climbing the chest of drawers where he kept his weapon, and knew he had to do something before that dream became a real life nightmare.

I appreciate any idea that involves beauty, guns, and most of all safety for those little minds and fingers!



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    1. I am sorry it is private! It was a news report about the gentleman who makes the furniture. The settings must have changed. I’ll update my post. If I can find a replacement video I’ll post that – it was very interesting!

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