A rare collection of rifles and revolvers used by soldiers on both sides of the Civil War is currently on display at the Illinois State Military Museum in Springfield, Il.

Among the items on on display is an Allen & Wheelock revolver. Though it was one of the most advanced handguns of the 1860s, only 1,000 pistols were made because of a patent infringement case between the Allen & Wheelock and Smith & Wesson companies.

Also on display is a Colt revolving rifle. The U.S. government had bought hundreds of them before the war, but most were shipped to southern locations and ended up in the hands of Confederate soldiers. Watch the video below to learn more about the revolving rifle, very interesting!



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  1. From a “history” point of view, most wars have caused big advances in weapons and stuff. The American Civil War (or the “War Between the States” for those from the South) was one of the first modern wars in regards to weapons, aircraft, commo, transportation etc.

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