I just finished watching a press conference by the Aurora Chief of Police, Dan Oates, his voice cracked with emotion at the end of his speech as he spoke of the trauma his officers dealt with very early this morning.  He must be a very strong man to hold his composure so well.

Imagine a crowd, filled mostly with teenagers and young adults, sitting in a loud midnight movie, when the canisters (tear gas?) were set off, as a man covered in tactical gear walked up the stairs calmly shooting children, teens and adults with his AR-15 and 100 round clip (as well as a shotgun, and two .40 Caliber Glocks).

Imagine the horror as a mother sees her child crumble in her arms, and knows there is no where to go.  Imagine as a teen girl looks to her best friend and sees blood dripping from her mouth.  Imagine the first Aurora Police Officers on the scene, the chaos they stepped into.  12 souls lost their lives in those minutes and 58 other people were injured.  This spawn of satan shot 70 people before anyone fully understood what was happening.

There will be plenty of discussion on why and what set this demon on his devastating rampage.  Unless some information is gleaned that will allow police to discover a future mass shooter, I guess it does not matter very much why it happened.  There is never going to be a good enough reason that will make us understand, that will bring the families peace.

For now on this page, I will not show his face, I will not give him publicity.  Perhaps that is what he wants and he will not get it here.

Considering that I am extremely pro 2nd Amendment and author a pro gun blog encouraging everyone to become responsibly armed, these incidents bring all types of thoughts to my mind.  Beyond the numbers of victims, the next phrase I heard that punched me in the chest was that the gunman seems to have possessed all his guns, clips, ammunition legally.  I am a little curious about the tactical gear and the tear gas canisters, are these readily available to just anyone?

I have already heard countless liberal journalists step up on their platform to call for increased gun control, as if the gun took control of the shooter.  I have heard everyday people question why parents had their children at a midnight movie, as if taking a 6 year old girl to a movie made it her parents fault that she was shot by a crazed gunman.  I have seen comments on San Diego News websites blaming the mother, because her mother’s intuition told the police that they had the right man.  Is it her fault if she realized after the fact that her son was probably responsible for this?  While it is possible she had some concern before the fact, could she really have known the baby boy she raised was capable of this evil?

I do wonder if anyone had a Concealed Weapon, but because it was largely teens and young adults, it was not that likely.  Even if someone had, it might have been pointless due to his body armor.  Perhaps someone did, but they were incapacitated by the gas.

He is a madman.

He did it.

He is evil personified.

There is no one else to blame.

Let’s all take time to properly mourn and support those who need help now.  When the discussion reaches it’s crescendo and everyone is ready to place blame, there is only one person to blame, the lone wolf gunman.  He is the one who went to great lengths to plan this vicious attack, to plant explosives in his apartment, to possibly plant weapons in the theater, to methodically shoot victim after victim with no regard to age, innocence, or life in general.  If there were no guns he could have used a car, an airplane, gasoline, homemade explosives, you name it.

He is a madman.  He did it.  He is evil personified.  There is no one else to blame.



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  1. Well written post and I agree whole heartedly with your sentiments. This was indeed a traggic incident and he is certainly to blame.

    I commend you for being a voice for responsibly armed Americans. While he did have body armour, I’d like to think if everyone in the theatre was carrying that lives might have been saved.

    When incidents like this happen its a critical reminder on why we absolutely need to be armed and ready.

    Stay safe,

    Kyle Battis

    1. Kyle,

      Thank you for your kind comments and support on this issue. I do agree with you 100% that if there were several “good guys” carrying, there would have been so many less injured or killed.

      I guess folks like you and I just need to keep speaking the other side so that we can educate as many people as possible!

      Take care ~

      Lil Chantilly

  2. Yes, body armor is easy to get. Cinemark theatres don’t allow guns on their property and city ordinance supports this. So it’s probably rare someone with a ccw permit would have their gun on them or have just skipped the movie. And then watching Bloomberg say that it would be idiotic that having armed people there would have made it worse. I carry not because I can, because I choose not to be a victim.

    1. Siabur,

      Of course you are right… It is only the “good guys” who actually obey the laws. Bloomberg is an absolute imbecile, he must know he is wrong, he must just have some other agenda. Love your last line – well said!

      Lil Chantilly

  3. I try to not make a judgement or opinion based on only what the “media” dipshits say…because- I know that they get at least 50% of the information wrong. They also put their own spin and opinions into the story.
    However, I have done a wee bit of training and stuff on “Active Shooters” and in most past cases, there have been warning signs that the shooter(s) were going nuts and about to do something.
    The problem? In all the past cases, the person who saw the shooter(s) doing crazy stuff, ingnored it or “didn’t want the person(s) to get into trouble.
    One thing I gleemed from the media bull was that that theater may have been a “gun free zone”. Like many places in many states, they may establish places where even those with a CCW can’t pack in that business.
    Also, if most of the victims were under 21, they couldn’t legally carry a handgun.
    What better place to find defensless victims? A coward who just wants to kill and is afraid of getting shot in return, will find victims that can’t defend themselves…
    My opinion.

    1. CI,

      From what I understand it was a gun free zone, and I know that (although I don’t carry – too hard or impossible in California) when I am with my friends who carry in other states, they are very careful about when and where they do carry. When we are going to a city, like New Orleans for example, that does not allow guns in bars, they are careful to plan for where we are going and to find a time to disarm themselves in our plan. They always take time to research the gun laws for the cities in which we are traveling.

      If there is any good that comes from this tragedy, I hope it will encourage people with concerns that someone is planning an event like this to come forward. It would be better to be wrong than to remain quiet and find out your were exactly right.


  4. Lil, This was an excellent article that gives a rational perspective. I’ll be very interested in tracking this story to learn what fuse blew in this guys brain. Not everyone is wired the same. We try to understand motives, but this very highly evolved brain earned high honors in college in the study of neuro physiology. Now tell me … anyone who has an opinion…. Does it look strange that a guy with an education of this caliber worked at McDonalds?

    That was the red flag. Something went heywire.

    A mass killing is bad. He must have been bored and needs MAXIMUM attention…. he’s executed an evil plan … James Holmes version of a tantrum.

    1. Mary,

      I agree, even though I am not sure any of us will understand why he did this, I would like to know what events led up to this moment in his life. There must be something, some sign that could help prevent something like this in the future. Very intelligent people who are disturbed are probably the most dangerous people in the world, and you are right, it seems that signs are appearing already. I just wish we could have seen them before.


  5. The fact that they are blaming gun control on this masacre sickens me to the core! If ONE person in that theatre would have had a gun for protection, they could have stopped that crazed lunatic in his tracks!!!! And all of thise innocent children, babies and people would still be here with us today. =^( The world needs to STOP blaming gun control and start blaming the mental stability of the people who they are passing them out to.

    1. Shannon, I agree with you. There are many saying there would be no chance, but there is truly no chance if no “good guys and gals” have a gun with them. I am hearing all kinds of things like this demon had been a camp counselor, etc. Mental stability is probably hard to pin down, no process is perfect. But, he could have hurt people with many other things besides a gun, so banning guns will never be the right thing. Thank you for your thoughts – we definitely agree!

      1. Lil, here’s an idea for all those who follow the cattle drive on gun control as a solution and knee jerk reaction to the recent #Colorado massacre of so many innocent victims.

        Lets protect ourselves and also put a BAN on Automobiles.

        Vehicles placed in the hands of ordinary citizens KILL PEOPLE EVERY DAY. Especially those who are drinking and driving or speeding or texting while they drive. Sometimes smoke or fog causes people to wreck their cars and leads to mass casualties. Shouldn’t we get rid of the evil AUTOS?

        Out of the reported 350 Million Guns that are owned by American Citizens, there is a very small percentage used in violent incidents and a large majority are gangsters killing each other in Chicago.

        I have guns of all types, but mine are “good” guns. They’ve never killed anyone. If someone breaks into my home or violates a family member, my guns will be used to defend and kill – but they’ll be in my control.

        Just because guns and cars kill people, does not mean by ridding ourselves of these inanimate objects, that mass killing will not exist. There are poisons, gases, inhalants and many more weapons that those inclined to mass killing will use.

        Guns don’t kill people. Vehicles don’t kill people. People kill people.

  6. A team of expert combat-experienced marksmen, all urban warfare trained, who all happened to be sitting together and were appropriately armed, might have been able to take down this shooter. And “might” is a generous word.
    It’s pure fantasy to think even a handful of ordinary pistol packers could have done anything but add random amounts lead to the chaos.
    You have already noted that the individual used a disabling agent. He benefitted from three other strong tactical advantages: the element of surprise, the darkness/disorientation of the theatre and, apparently, head to toe body armor.
    To respond, the armed audience member would have had to (a) realize what was happening, (b) overcome the effects of CS or whatever gas was thrown, (c) avoid the panicked reaction and movement of everyone in the seats nearby, (d) acquire the appropriate target in a low-light environment and (e) deliver a kill or disabling shot to an un-armored part of the attacker’s body.
    All of this while taking fire.
    Not exactly what we prepare for in our visits to the range.

    1. Hello James,

      I agree with your synopsis and while unlikely that an armed citizen in the theatre could have done anything to deal with this siutation, I personally would like to have had a chance to defend myself than not at all by being armed. I’m not saying that an armed citizen could have changed the outcome of this situation had they been present, merely that I believe having responsibly armed citizens in our country is a greeat deterrent to calculating madmen like this one.

      As responsibly armed citizens we train for the “probable” and not always the “possible.” Is it probable that a fully armoured gunmen using tear gas and wielding an AR with a 100 round drum would come into a movie theatre and start firing? No…

      Is it possible, Yes andd this event proved that.

      In most situations the attacker won’t be heavily armed and armoured and someone carrying could save lives. Keep carrying and keep training.

      I am thankful to have peole like yourselves in our society.

      Stay safe,

      Kyle B.

    2. James,

      Thank you for your comments, I cannot argue with your assessment of the likelihood in this situation and I understand everything you stated above. Still, you never know when there will be a combat trained person, or an off duty police officer, even an extremely cool headed civilian that could have had a chance if they were not following Gun Free Zone rules for that theater. I would guess that if there were someone in the theater with a concealed theater, and they were too disoriented, or there was too much chaos, or they were too scared to use it, they would not even try.

  7. Well said Lil! Now if only those politicians looking to further their careers on the broken bodies of these innocent victims can see the anguish they further inflict on the families.

    1. John, I agree with you about the politicians! You know there are so many agendas out there and some of these snakes in suits will ride the waves of this tragedy to get what they want. It makes me sick!

      I just pray for eventual peace for the families of those lost and for the injured victims.

  8. I’m just curious on your thoughts about the ability of anyone to buy ammunition on the internet. You all sound like responsible gun owners/handlers but what about internet sales…..is this something that should be questioned?

    1. Pat,

      Thank you for your question, and for realizing that there are so many responsible gun owners. My opinion is that the internet is just another lane of commerce. If he had not ordered it from the internet, he could have gone to a gun show and walked out with boxes of 500+ rounds. I order ammo from the internet, it is frequently cheaper that way. I am a busy military mom and do not always have time to search it out for my trips to the range. The gun show comes to San DIego every quarter, and I get it there if I have time to go that weekend. Wal Mart is always sold out, and everywhere else is really expensive. Just like ordering baby diapers from Amazon.com, ammo is a consumable and those (99.99%) people who are responsible gun owners should not be punished for one evil being.

      I would be interested in what you think about this further, and others as well.

      Hope to talk to you again Pat – glad you are here!


  9. Having a posted Gun Free Zone will not prevent a person intent on causing harm from doing that. Unless enforced by someone capable of enforcing (armed) the GFZ it is still ineffective. In fact a GFZ provides a greater opportunity for those wanting to harm others, as there is less chance of being stopped by the law abiding CCW holder who secured his firearm prior to entering. Thus the GFZ, although intending to provide a safe-haven, in fact creates a horrific opportunity for an atrocity. The cure becomes the cause. We will always have mentally insane, emotionally challenged, and off the charts intelligent psychopaths, along with the criminal element and just the pure evil. What we can change is when, where and how we can legally protect ourselves.

    1. Daron,

      There is no way I could have said any of that any better. It seems so simple to me – so obvious that you are right. Your line, “Thus the GFZ, although intending to provide a safe-haven, in fact creates a horrific opportunity for an atrocity” is 100% correct. A GFZ essentially becomes a target.

  10. James,
    Some of what you said is totally correct…but as one who’s trained cops and been a cop for 32 years- and a soldier part time for over 20 years -I’ve trained over 1,000 people to shoot better and in advanced tactics.
    the “Average” person- cop, soldier etc is worried that they will be in fear in a critical incident like this and not be able to preform and get the job done (one round the brain housing group was all that was needed)
    However, after I interviewed dozens of assholes I’ve arrested involving guns—THEY were afraid of getting shot- in some cases they shit or wet their pants.
    So, yes, most people would have not been prepared to take out this asshole because even though many citizens and cops carry off duty- they are not really prepared to do anything.

    Have a plan and have a back up plan. Treat all people nice- and have a plan to kill them if needed. Carry a gun and spare ammo and always sit with your back away from the door. The only time you relax is when you’re asleep.

    1. CI,

      I am very glad you chimed in on this, with your background I value your opinion in this matter immensely. After I read James’ comment, I know he is right about liklihood, but it makes it feel kinda hopeless if all he said it 100% true no matter what. Why should we even try to fight back if it is definitely hopeless? If we don’t fight back at all, the evil will rule the earth.

      Then I read your comment and you refilled my hope! I think that even in this case, what you said rings true. I do not believe he wanted to die, he went with police without incident, he told them about the explosive laden apartment, all of that is an example that he was actually a coward. If a Police Officer had walked into his apartment and been killed, his life would have been even worse, I think he was afraid of that. So – if someone had been shooting back at him, it might have delayed him, slowed him down, woke him up from his psychotic fantasy, etc. It could have saved one life or more. Any person saved would have been a blessing.

      I especially loved your last couple of sentences – perfect!


  11. You know, I’m 38 yrs old. I remember my father kept guns in the house and when we were robbed when I was 12, all of his 5 children where in the house. He laid there and watched the thieves rifle through his dressers, take tv’s, vcr’s. stereo equipment and his wallet. He did nothing, and all of his children woke in the morning because of it. I believe in the freedom of choice to own, or not to own a weapon. But I also believe that many would do exactly as my father did 27 years ago, not draw attention, hope and pray for the best. My heart and prayers go out to all the families, and as much as some may not like it, I pray that the gunman finds some sort of peace eventually also.

    1. Katie,

      Wow – I cannot even imagine the feeling your father must have had while he made that decision. It must have been terror. Obviously, he made the right decision for himself and his family and because of his decision, your family was blessed to be here now – with no violent incident to recover from.

      I do believe that many people would do the same, even if they had a gun. There are so many variable in these stories. People have to use their intuition and do what they feel is right. Thank you for sharing this story.

      My prayers go out to the families as well, his family included. I do wish that there could be a definitive answer as to what caused his massacre so that we might learn from it to prevent it again in the future. I heard the Dean from the University of California, Riverside talking on CNN this morning, and his words were, “He [the shooter] had the intellect to be successful at anything he would have tried.” This made me so sad, he could have been curing brain trauma, finding a cure for multiple sclerosis, etc. Instead this is his legacy.

  12. Lil, what an excellent article. Chief Dan Oates is a true professional, and his department, his officers have responded to and handled this tragedy expertly. As you know, I live only a few hours south of Aurora, and this event has really hit home with me. I am angry and saddened at such devastation this evil person has done, this gutless, sorry excuse for a human being. His goal was to wreak havoc, terror, and kill as many people as possible. He methodically planned his attack for months. He preyed upon young adults and teens, and children who went to watch a movie! I too am a very pro second amendment person. I have been in the military and law enforcement community for years now. I have bought and shot thousands of rounds of ammo, have owned weapons all my life, have a ccw permit, and have carried responsibly for years now.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, the wounded and killed. But it is hard to suppress the anger I have for this evil young man, who perpetrated this madness. I’m ‘old school’. He should be taken out back of the jail he’s in and shot, saving the taxpayers $40,000 a year to house and feed him the rest of his life, as Colorado has not had the intestinal fortitude to execute a murderer in a very long time. I know that if I would have been there carrying, I would have tried my hardest to make the clean face shot, as I have been trained to do. But of course I would have been breaking the Cinemark rules and the local ordinance, which by the way are both unconstitutional. So how do you win? You educate as many people as possible to be responsible, legal, concealed carrying citizens. Bloomberg of NYC is an idiot. Piers Morgan of the Communist News Network said the first night after the shooting that gun control is the answer, not even having the decency to begin the gun control debate until after grieving families had buried their loved ones. Morgan said that in Chicago where there are strict gun control laws it is like the wild west, with daily gun violence; but that this is because there are too many illegal weapons available on the black market for criminals to buy. He said America is in love with guns, we have far too many guns period, and that we should do more to round up all the guns in America and dispose of them I guess. What an idiot! If he wants a gun free society, he should haul his ass back to the U.K., where only the criminals have weapons, instead of spouting his idiotic gun control rhetoric across my American airwaves.

    1. Dave,

      I agree with everything you said above! The main point that you brought up that I have not really heard in other discussion is wether gun free zones are constitutional or not. That is a great point. I do believe that the only people who will not bring guns into a gun free zone is, obviously, a law abiding citizen. A criminal is not going to care about a sign declaring “no guns allowed”. This is one of the most asinine philosophies. A gun free zone practically begs a criminal to come, as it would be unlikely that they will have any deterrent.

      Also, like you, the fact he is still alive makes me sick. He will be kept separate from the population, treated too well, and like you said, drain precious state funds that could be used for a much better cause. Our best hope now is that some other criminal in the prison happens to get a chance alone with him and finds a way to save the taxpayers so much money.

      Thank you so much for your comments, Dave – they are right on the money. Something about this type of incident happening in a state you call home makes it so much more real. It makes it seem like it could happen to anyone. This man, if I can even call him that now, could have been anything, and he chose to perpetrate a senseless massacre on young, innocent people, good people. I agree with you – all we can do is continue to educate people and not give up the fight. I mean this both as pro 2nd amendment people, as well as in a good vs. evil kind of way. This kind of evil is rare, but real, and we cannot let them win or become too powerful.

      I hope you will stop by again sometime! : )


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