AR-15s are versatile rifles.  Do you have an Assault Rifle?  Do you have an AR-15?  Why did you decide to get such a firearm?  I know some people get them because of availability of parts, you can swap out the uppers, lowers, etc.  They are easy to transport.  They have so many accessories and can be adapted for nearly any use. This AR-15 (in the photo) was purchased to enter 3-gun competitions.  If you have not heard about 3-gun, I will tell you about that one of these days.  This rifle is set up as a semi-auto, it does have a 30 round mag, which is legal in Indiana.  If I had an AR-15 in California, the way I understand it is that it is only legal if it is a “top load” only, with a permanent 10 round mag attached.  I won’t bother, that is too much trouble.  In the photo above, we were shooting about 100-300 yards at a farm.  It is a hoot to shoot. It is only evil when used by an evil man.

UPDATE:  The reason I wrote this article and titled it the way I did was tainted with just a little sarcasm.  That sarcasm was perhaps a little too subtle and geared directly at the media.  They keep saying the shooter in the Aurora theater had an “Assault Rifle.”  He actually had an AR-15, and yes, it was still semi-auto.  I hear the news anchors ask each other “Why does anyone need an assault rifle?” “These are weapons used only by terrorists.” No, an AR-15 is not necessarily an assault rifle, and I am not a terrorist, I am a normal girl who loves her country and fellow man.  I have used an AR-15 several times, and I loved every minute of it.



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    1. Thank you so much for correcting me NavyOne! That is what I meant, Evil man OR woman. Ha ha!! I am even ok if some of the men wear red high heels, I just hope they don’t tell us too many details…. : )

  1. Anyone who wantso ne of these, or other models, and hasnt forfeit rights by being criminal, should be able to have this and as many rounds of ammo as they can afford. Between the second amendment and the federalist papers, we know the use of military style weapons. it was first and foremost to protect ones self, family and livelihood, and then to be there if called upon to defend a wider field. if it came down to it, we were to be free to have similar personal weapons to the military for supply purposes, to help overthrow an oppressive government, or any dictator who managed to get in a position of power.
    this might sound rediculous to some of the more liberal minded, but look at history, its happened before to unarmed populations, and it gets pretty sad and lots of people die.
    people always throw out some “so where is my nuclear bomb to protect myself?” thats rediculous from the start, and its not even consider arms. but hey, you can own tanks, and i urge you to buy one, as you will find out just what regulations there are. if you wish to argue that people shouldnt have or carry guns, i urge you to take a concealed weapons class and learn the reality of it. most show their ignorance in the first sentence.

    1. Great comments Dustin, I agree with all you said! I really like your last paragraph – when you end up in a reasonable discussion/disagreement and the pro gun person begins to make too much sense, all the gun control crowd can do is take it to a ridiculous level.

  2. Things have changed a little in CA. We have a magazine lock called a bullet button. It is a modified mag release that requires a bullet tip or tool to drop the magazine. We are limited to 10 rounds though in a B.B. equipped rifle. The lower can not be on the named list of banned by name rifles. The term in Ca is “off list lower”

    The other option is a featureless rifle. An AR with a fixed stock, no flash hider, and a modified pistol grip (monsterman grip) can use a regular mag release and 30 round magazines if you owned them before the ban went into effect.

    We can also buy variants of the AK-47 if they are not on the list and have a mag lock installed.

    1. Dennis,

      Thank you for that info! It is better than I thought. When I retire from the Navy (in less than a couple years), I don’t plan on staying in California, so I honestly do not even consider getting rifles of any kind here.

  3. It’s because they let the media, tv and movies educate them. i watch crime shows and pick out the myths and the completely off base things they say. its sort of a hobby now. btw, i plan on owning a gunshop as soon as i can clear up my post accident credit. i do plan on having classes to help clear things up, as well as provide for CCW classes.

  4. Is there really a reason that everyone has to have a assault rifle. Is it because they don’t kick as hard? Anyone that has had the opportunity to use an M16 will tell you one good shot is better than 500 fast shots

    1. Les,

      I do not actually own an AR-15, the one in the photo is a friend’s rifle. In the article I mentioned this gun was purchased to enter 3-Gun competitions. In 3 gun, you go through a series of various maze like obstacles, shooting at targets as you notice them. The AR-15 is for the longer range targets, and I think it is ideal because it is so maneuverable – yet fairly accurate at a decent to long range. It is the perfect rifle for those competitions. I listen to a few podcasts as well that discuss firearms, and they always talk about how the AR-15 can be disassembled and transported very easily then quickly put back together. A lot of people iike them for the option, in a prepper sense, that if you had to bug out of your location, it would be easy to take with you without looking like you have a rifle on you. (Solely for personal protection.)

      These are just some thoughts from my novice brain… : )

  5. ASSUALT Weapon??? You mean MODERN SPORTING RIFLE. A CLIP? Does a clip fit in the magazine well? No! it a MAGAZINE NOT A CLIP! REALLY!

    1. BK, I did mean to say Assault Rifle, I did not mean to say “clip”. I know better – but, if you read my “about me” page, you’ll know I am still learning and not perfect. Thank you for keeping me straight! The reason I meant to say assault rifle was more in a sarcastic sense. The shooter in Aurora used an AR-15, could have been just like the one in the pic, but he had more rounds available. Since that day, I have heard countless journalists saying things like “Who needs an assault rifle?” So, the point of this article, was mainly to say, “some people want an AR-15” and they are normal everyday people. This is not my rifle, it is a friend’s rifle, but I have no problem with him (or anyone else) having one as long as the person has followed the laws of their state to obtain it. Thanks for checking out my page – I think you better stay around, I am bound to say something else crazy! (By the way, I corrected my article – thank you!)

  6. the last stats I saw said that less than 1% of these kind of rifles are ever used in any kind of gun crime…in CA you can have one with a “bullet button” mag release- which makes it even less likely to be used in a crime.
    What most of the public doesn’t know is that a lot of police departments allow officers to put AR15/ M4s in the patrol car-but you have to purchase your own. I carried my own in the patrol/ sergeant car for several years until we had a chief who spent the money to get department guns. I still preferred mine because I knew it was going to work and nobody had screwed around with the sights etc. (why do cops have to mess around with stuff they don’t understand- like rifle sights?)

  7. The Ca Legal rifles with the bullet-button are being attacked by wealthy BayAryan nitwit of the Stupidslature, legislator Leland Yee. (SB 249)
    At any rate, since it’s an AR, when you move to a free state you can un-modify it.

  8. Lil,
    Good article, when I hear or see people in the gun community using the liberal gun grabber terminology its just supporting their cause. I to own and train with a Modern Sporting Rifle a Rainier Arms RUC.
    There was a famous guy who once said… Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety – Benjamin Franklin.

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