I just read an article on Guns.com stating that some Bass Pro Shop’s will not allow a person to carry in their stores.  David Lapell, who wrote the the guns.com article, e-mailed Bass Pro Shops directly and got the following response from their corporate offices:

Thank you for contacting basspro.com. Your business is truly appreciated. Most of our stores do ask that you check and have your weapons secured upon entering a store. If you are wishing to know the guidelines for carrying a firearm into one of our stores you will need to contact the store directly. You can find the contact information for our stores from the link below. Please contact us again if you require further assistance.

The last Bass Pro Shop I visited was in Indiana, and it was a VERY gun friendly store (as they all are, after all they cater heavily to gun lovers and hunters.) I do not recall any “gun free zone” or anything like that.  The corporate offices said the policy depends on the store.  What experiences have you had with this?  Do you know if your Bass Pro Shop is actually gun friendly?  What do you think about this?  If you were asked to check your carry weapon at the door, what would you do?



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  1. Not sure if this applies to off duty law enforcement. My other half carries his gun at all times along with his badge.

  2. Our official policy on CCW is as follows.

    In any state where there is a concealed carry issued to an individual, our policy is to only ask if the customer has the proper permit if one of our associates sees the weapon. As long as the customer confirms that they have the proper permit, we thank them for their time and tell them to have a wonderful day. We do not ask to see the permit, nor do we have any policy that requires our customers to check their weapon at the door.

    Tobi Roberts
    Bass Pro Shops

    1. I have been in two Bass Pro stores that do not allow carry of any sort. At the Bass Pro in Springfield, Missouri (corporate headquarters) there is no way you are going to bring a gun into that store without a major hassle.
      You enter the store, and they have a security guy lock it up. You bring it to the pistol range, where the clerk unlocks it so you can shoot. When you are done, he locks it up again, and you have to stop by at the exit and security unlocks it again.
      They can say what they want, but my experiences at the store say different. If you are ever in Springfield, see it for yourself.
      That large hassle is why I only used the range in that store once. After that, I made the drive to Ozark, where there was a gun store that actually didn’t mind if you had a gun.

    2. Tobi,

      I went to Bass Pro last night in Clarksville IN, and it was just like you said. There was a sign that said something to the effect of “All guns and Bows must be checked in at the counter”. Behind the sign stood a very nice Gentleman who informed me that was for returns, NOT for CCW, he ask if I had a permit, I let him know I did and offered to show it, he said that wasn’t necessary, we chatted for a few minutes and I went on my way. I don’t think it could have went any better, it was a complete non-issue and handled in a very professional and friendly manner.

      Now lets talk about getting some stuff in your store for us “tactical shooters”, you have everything a hunter would ever want but us competition shooters need love too. ☺


  3. Tobi, what about in Open Carry states, where it is legal to carry without a permit or states that no longer require a CCW.

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