Depending on how long you have been reading this blog, you many have heard about how much I love my Springfield XD45.  Why do I love that pistol so much?  It is a good pistol available at an affordable price, but I probably really love it because it was the first gun I ever bought that was mine, all mine.  I could not imagine feeling that attached to any gun, until the day I actually held and shot this Nighthawk Predator.

I have always loved 1911s, especially custom 1911s – they are absolutely beautiful.  When you hold this pistol in your hands, you can see the craftsmanship, you can feel the precision with which it was built.  It is nothing but solid.  When I racked the slide and squeezed the trigger, I was pumped!  This thing is perfect – just perfect!  It is the kind of gun that makes a girl look good – on target high styling!  I have discussed the fact that this is my dream gun before, so anytime I get a chance to shoot one ya’ll are going to hear about it!




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  1. I do a 1911 specific class. We start out taking the pistol apart and they learn how to clean it and how it works etc. Then we shoot them. I had a Les Bear in the class the other day- it was the most solid well made and tight 1911 I have ever seen that is not so expensive that I couldn’t even think about ever buying one.
    I help a master gun smith do a 1911 class every few months…. they are still my favorite pistol… had one issued when I was a grunt, carried one as a cop and still shoot better with one than any other handgun.

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