Last week I had a chance to shoot an H&K P7 – wow!  This was a nice pistol – and would be PERFECT for concealed carry.  The grip of this pistol has a built-in cocking lever.  You cock this gun by simply squeezing the grip, and as soon as you let go of the grip the gun becomes de-cocked.  This lever acts as a safety that would protect you when carrying as well as an additional protection against little hands.  (I think a small child would have a hard time firing this pistol, not 100% impossible, but very difficult.)  The speed to go from full safe to firing a round is very quick!

As I loaded it, cocked it, and began to fire off rounds, it felt very solid.  Kind of like a small bulldog – little, but all muscle.  I found it easy to be accurate, and even though I had a lot of pistols with me that day – this is the one I wanted to shoot.  Maybe it is because I am used to a 45 and the kick – and this one was a 9mm, or maybe it felt better in my hands than my Springfield XD45 – but  I would recommend this gun for anyone.



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