I am back from my unexpected hiatus!  It is the nature of being a Navy girl, that occasionally I do not get to plan my own schedule – I did not see this last one coming!  Upon my return from my Navy trip, I took a vacation to Indiana and spent a week immersed in Rifles, Pistols, AR-15’s, gun stores, and ranges. Some people go to Aruba to relax, I go to a gun friendly state!

You might notice my banner has changed.  I went from “Heels and Handguns” to “Heels and Handguns AND rifles!”  I talk about rifles too much to not give them their proper billing on this blog – in fact, they are about to become the star of my show.  I have a lot to share with everyone, I better get started!



4 Replies to “Heels, Handguns, a Navy girl, and now… Rifles too!”

  1. CI – I think I am going to have to make my banner bigger or my words smaller – I honestly cannot get enough. **smile**

    Congrats on the new Equinox – I want a new gun too!! (Enjoy it!)

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