One of my favorite 2nd Amendment friendly blogs, Anthroblogogy, has compiled quite of list of all the lady gun bloggers.  Give this LINK a click to see some bad-@$$ chicks!

Thank you DirtCrashr for including this meager blog with such a tough bunch of girls!



3 Replies to “Gun Loving Lady Bloggers are a Growing Force!”

    1. North,

      Thank you for adding me to your great list as well! It amazes me (in a good way) how many pro 2nd amendment gun sites there are and it gives me comfort that it will be nearly impossible to take our rights away. Thank you so much for what you do to bring us all together! (I also checked out some of the folks on your prepper list – I am a quiet prepper myself….) You are like a one stop shop for living a good life.

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