Here is one example of handgun legislation that makes sense!

According to the Clare County Review, Michigan residents who want to purchase a pistol will not have to go through an unnecessary state background check under bipartisan reform legislation approved this week by the Michigan House, state Rep. Joel Johnson announced.

Federal law requires everyone who buys a pistol from a federally licensed dealer to pass an instantaneous background check. However, outdated state laws require Michigan gun owners to also pass a slower background check with more paperwork.

“The unnecessary background check still required by currently law is against citizens’ Second Amendment rights,” said Johnson, R-Clare. “This is another example of red tape and regulations that can be eliminated to make government in Michigan more efficient and responsive to residents’ needs.”

House Bill 5225 eliminates the state background check while HBs 5498-99 remove penalties for not completing the check.

The bills are now before the Senate for consideration.



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