Fate of Destinee posted a video today that blew me away.  She discussed what it is like sometimes at the range or gun stores when you are a woman.  I discussed this on the Heels and Handguns FB page a week or so ago.  Do not get me wrong on this one – I have dealt with so many good people and am learning from the nicest men I know.  It is just interesting how, even during this female renissance, where women are hungry for knowledge and doors are opening everywhere, that so many pre-existing assumptions are still made. Take a few minutes and watch her video and let me know what you think.



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  1. Wow, she sounds really bitter. But I’ve seen what she’s talking about- the boyfriend or husband who really doesn’t know much, but is trying to teach the “little woman” how to shoot-. MOST of the time, the guy is showing them the WRONG way to do it.
    When I work on the range, I have this bright red shirt that has FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR on it. I’ll walk by somebody shooting- first thing I want to make sure they’re being safe. If they’re hitting the target, I keep my mouth shut. If not, I’ll ask: “Can I make a suggestion?”
    If they don’t want my help, I walk away. Most of the time they say:”Yeah, I’d love a tip.”
    I’ve been doing it for over 32 years and I’ll still take a shooting tip from other instructors. The day a shooter thinks that they know everything and can’t learn anything new, is the day they should retire.
    The other thing I’ve noticed…when teaching brand new shooters- usually a husband and wife…after the first class, the wife usually shoots better than the husband.
    Why is that?

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