I adore my readers – you make me think and smile everyday!  Today, one of our readers commented on the 9mm or .45 debate (reminding us of a popular saying) and I wanted to highlight it!




9 Replies to “You Heard it Here Folks: 9mm vs .45”

  1. Thats why I carry a 1911 on my strong side and a Judge Tracker on my weak side. Either way your gonna end up with .45+ cal holes in you rather than pinprick 9mms

  2. After training folks to shoot for about 30 years, I’ve found that misses with a .45 are not as good as hits with a 9mm. Shot placement is the most important thing! (but I do carry a .45 ACP.)

    1. Daron, when I am actually giving advice, and someone wants a 9mm – I am just glad they want a gun. I agree – getting a gun you can handle, that you enjoy shooting is the most important thing. If you hate shooting it, you will not take it to the range, and having a gun you don’t practice with is dangerous. ; )

  3. Why does everyone think a .45 ACP is so hard to shoot? I shoot a full size 1911 and a full size 9mm (Sig 226; G17), and I find the felt recoil to be similar. The 9mm average pressures run 10,000+PSI more than the .45, but the size disparity of the bullets leaves the proportional force SLIGHTLY lower in the 9mm. The fact of the matter is that you can shoot them with equal ease, given comparable weapons.

    The 9mm is a perfectly capable round. I can use one magazine in my G17, sending 18 bullets at a bad guy, or use one magazine in my 1911, and shoot 9. That seems like pretty simple math to me, but let’s look at the facts. The energy produced by common carry loads in these calibers are very close, and the penetration and expansion performance is similar. Given this, I believe doubling the firepower I send at the bad guy a smart choice.

    If you PROPERLY learn to shoot, you can shoot anything. Lose the ego, get some REAL training, and put in the practice time.

    FYI, hollow point round expansion can be inconsistent shooting through clothing. I recommend a load utilizing a polymer tipped bullet for defense.

    P.S. I still carry my 1911 sometimes.

  4. As Col. Jeff Cooper would say: always carry the largest caliber pistol that you are comfortable carrying and shooting. A .22 cal. pistol that you have with you is far better than the .50 American Eagle that you leave at home.

    The objective is to let air in, and blood out. Stop the threat now!

    And yes; shot placement is key… andt; a 9mm may or may not expand; but a .45 will never shrink.

    ~ Lt. Dan

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