Mayor Bloomberg is not making any sense!

Sadly, yesterday, four New York City police officers in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, were shot while rescuing a woman and her 4-month-old baby from a hostage situation.  Amazingly, all were in stable condition, and all are expected to survive.  Over the past four months, eight police officers were shot in the line of duty in New York City.  This has rallied Mayor Bloomberg and the Commissioner of Police, Ray Kelly, to call for even more Gun Control, their comments constituting a virtual war on guns.  NYC already has some of the toughest firearm laws in the country. 

Keep reading…  Ok, one of the Police Officers was killed of the eight shot in NYC.  This is actually horrible – I believe that Police have an extremely dangerous job, and are brave beyond belief.

Keep reading… Wait!  I am frozen in my tracks.

The artice I am getting this infomration from and the stance the Mayor and the Police Commissioner are taking, is because ALL the criminals who shot the Police Officers used ILLEGAL guns.  What?  Yes – you heard me, IL-LEGAL, not legal, ILLEGAL. 

 “Every one of the criminals who has shot at our police officers possessed his gun illegally. Every one. And make no mistake: It will happen again — and again — until those in Washington stop cowering before the gun lobby.”

Ok, I am going to need help with this one.  How does an increase in gun laws keep criminals from getting guns that they ALREADY obtained illegally? This would make more sense if the guns that were used were purchased in accordance with all applicable gun laws for that state.  No matter how many laws are put in place, criminals will find a way to get their guns.  This has been and always will be true.  That is why they are called criminals.  It is infuriating to listen to the Gun Control crowd and their explanations.  They honestly think we are sheep, unable to think.  Even a 5 year old child could point out the flaws.  What do you think?



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  1. I’ve concluded that we can’t change the minds of people like Bloomdumbass. I think he really thinks that making guns illegal will really help. The problem is that he and the rest like him (including many police chiefs etc) who know NOTHING about firearms, are just making in worse.
    If the victims in this case were allowed to legally have guns, they could have shot the sunofabitch before the cops even got there. In states where they have “Shall Issue” CCW permits, this sort of things is going away. The cops just have to show up and write a brief report.
    I was a cop for 32 years and I know many times if the victim had a gun and knew how to use it, the problem would have been over before we arrived.
    Tell Bloomdumbass to try passing gun laws like in AZ and watch all the criminals move to Calif.

  2. I was an anti-gun person myself for a number of years, mostly because I grew up with almost zero understanding or exposure to guns, but also because everyone around me was anti-gun, and because the media constantly reinforces the anti-gun point of view. I believed what they said because I had never been given anything else to believe. I was also very afraid of guns and extremely ignorant of how they worked, and because I was afraid I was unwilling to listen to “those paranoid weirdos” who actually carried guns around with them. I even literally did think that a gun could “go off” by itself.

    I had my consciousness raised about ten years ago, and I am now a strong 2a supporter, I hunt, I target shoot, I own several different guns, and I carry concealed. But before I could see the light, there was a critical thing that had to happen first, and I believe it has everything to do with why anti-gun people seem to defy all reason and sanity with their beliefs. It has to do with basic fear. I had to learn not to fear guns.

    (Let me first point out that I am generally talking about the anti-gun populace here, not the jerks in charge, who clearly just love being in control over a sheep-like public.)

    Many, if not most, anti gun people (and also more likely to be voters!) are women. Most of them have been taught literally zero about guns, have never held one in their hands, and are terrified by the thought of them. Most of these anti-gunners associate guns with crime: they see them as the tools of criminals. Outside of Hollywood, they have never heard or seen any stories about people defending themselves with guns. They think all sorts of inaccurate things about guns, mostly rumors based on fear. They fear for their children. They fear robbery and rape and car jacking, but in their mind, those things happen because of scary men who carry guns. They (reasonably) want law and order, because a society based on law is safer for them and their children. They very often go into a sort of denial, to help themselves deal with these fears – they just tell themselves it will probably never happen to them. And they are conditioned from the day they are born to believe that they are themselves weak, they are conditioned to believe that all pro-gun folks are white, right-wing, militia men who hate women anyway, (incessantly screaming about “Liberals!” on gun websites doesn’t help, since most Liberals are women for the simple reason that they value their own reproductive freedom) and they are conditioned to believe that the police really are there “to protect and serve.”

    And yet, their fears are valid. As we all know, we women have a lot to be afraid of, and we ARE more vulnerable, especially when our children are involved. So when a mayor, or a cop, or a TV personality tells them “we need more police, more laws, and stricter controls” on these scary-people-with-guns, their thought process immediately says, “yes! We as a society need to DO something!”

    The problem is, we can’t approach this perception problem by simply trying tell our pro-self-protection, pro-gun side of the story. We can’t fight denial with logic, and that denial keeps them from listening to begin with. There are usually two ways that women change their minds about guns: 1. they become a victim of crime personally, and it changes how they perceive the world (violence becomes real for them and they are traumatized) or 2. they are introduced – in a FUN way – to guns one day. One day they go shooting with someone who is patient, non-judgmental, safe, shows them how to be safe, and who shows them how much fun it is to handle guns and shoot them. They suddenly are able to view guns differently, and suddenly they realize that guns are not just owned by radical whack jobs, and suddenly they become a lot more open to new information from… the pro-gun side.

    So what do we want to do? Wait until everyone is raped and sees the light? Or shouldn’t the entire gun community (right wing men too) ALL be bringing as many new women to the target range as is humanly possible? And while we are at it, shouldn’t the NRA begin putting women and Black spokesmen out there in the media – like ALL the time? I mean, I am sure Wayne LaPierre is a good guy and all, but can’t gun organizations begin representing the OTHER half of the population for a change? Can’t we stop allowing gun owners to be perceived as misogynistic neanderthals?

    We already have enough YouTube videos of guys laughing while they put a Desert Eagle into their unsuspecting girlfriend’s hands. We already have enough gun websites and forums where women and Liberals are relentlessly denigrated. If we truly want everyone to learn the value of 2a rights and self protection, we need to welcome everyone and make it fun FIRST.

    1. Sarah,

      Thank you SO much for sharing this story! I am going to post your comment as a separate blog post. It is so full of good points, and I want to make sure people see it. I believe the exact same thing, that if people take time to educate and train a woman (patiently) in her time, having safe fun – she will likely get hooked. I would rather get them fired up about guns that way than the alternative (which is AFTER they become a victim of a crime.) Trying to raise awareness and be a safe place for people to ask questions and get answers is one of the reasons I started this blog. Your story just might get a few more women to their local range. Then… those women might take their friends. Thanks again, Sarah – this comment made my whole week!!

      1. Lil, post away! You are very welcome. I am looking forward to any future articles you may write, as I believe this is a subject that cannot get too much attention. If the gun community really does want to gain in numbers/support/voters, and really does want more people to see the light, I must say that ignoring and denigrating that other half of the population (women, liberals, people who are NOT on the God Squad) is the worst possible way to go about it. These folks are already afraid of guns and making it seem like gun owners are all on some sort of chauvinistic God Squad is counter-productive at best. And the gun manufacturers are leaving a whole lot of money on the table, too.
        Lots of men may protest and claim that they aren’t the problem, but they first need to understand that they truly do not know what the world looks like through a woman’s eyes. Instead of dismissing our concerns while in the same breath complaining that their wives/girlfriends don’t support their favorite hobby, they might want to try something new: take responsibility for the idiots that DO make it difficult for us, listen to our stories of dismissal at the gun counter, derision on the gun forums, and dangerous pranks at the range, and help make it fun for us ALL. It calls for an attitude check, really. Don’t make it a battle for us just to learn.
        Unless they have some sort of ulterior motive to keep all the shiny guns and bullets for themselves? Or maybe they are afraid if we have guns too, there will be no one to show off to anymore? 🙂

  3. I grew up with guns but never owned one myself. Always lived in good neighborhoods so didn’t have a reason to till… My neighbor keep his adult addict in his home. Dogs barking all the tome. I complained called the police, dog control. Nothing happened. He screamed at all hours of the night. Went to NRA training and then continued to moderate training. Own guns now and feel more at ease.

    The neighbor is gone. But who knows what else could happen. At least I’m prepared. Bloomberg has no idea what it’s like to live without security. We are on our own. I would call 911 first. The one thing about owning a gun is it is the last thing you want to use. But it is there.

    Because of bloomberg I just joined the NRA.

  4. Sometimes I think a page out of a Science fiction novel might be in order, like a solar flare frying all Electrical and Electronic devices from the Power plant to the filament in a flashlight. Dynamos, motors, pumps, alternators, radios, TVs, Game boys, etc.

    Truly, people need to focus….you know complaining of no shoes vs having no feet.

    Quote Doc Halliday.
    “I have a gun. You want my gun. No. Your move.”

    A we need is to enforce the laws we have.

    I wonder if one day we decide, ok, we don’t need any more laws. We’re good.

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