Just what I want to see – more women in basic pistol training classes! Check these ladies out – The safety class was conducted by Carol Ruh of New River, AZ.   She’s been teaching gun safety and marksmanship classes for 12 years. She also shoots competitively, both rifle and pistol, and she’s a trained tactical shooter who has had bodyguard training.

Carol Ruh commented, “It’s amazing how well women do when it comes to hitting the target, and you can see by today’s targets just how accurate women can be, especially those that had never fired a gun before.”

Ruh added an interesting note, the women trained their sights on and fired rounds at traditional bullseye targets, because the NRA doesn’t allow the use of humanoid-shaped silhouette targets or those with pictures of a generic person pointing a pistol back at the shooter. “The NRA is very clear about that,” she said.

This was an NRA sponsored event.  Have you taught, or attended any gun training classes as a student?  How did it change your perception of guns and your abilities?



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  1. I took Basic Tactical Pistol at Colorado Shooting Sports (Colorado) and I loved it!! I went on to get my Concealed Carry Permit, and I also took some of the other classes that were offered. I will be taking Tactical Shotgun this fall. Every Woman should learn how to shoot!!!

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