Have you ever wondered what happens when someone shoots the wrong caliber bullet? CI tells you all about it here at this link.



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  1. Maybe I’ll post a chart on which rounds can be used in other guns. A 357 is just a long 38 special. However, the old “38 S&W” has a short wider case that won’t fit in the newer guns. Just take my basic pistol class, we cover that stuff.

    1. If you did – I would link it, because some of my readers are just learning, and compared to someone like you — I am just learning too. So, a chart like that would be great to start getting somethings straight!

  2. I’m sorry, I’ forget some folks are new to firearms. When I was in the 2nd grade and the first time we went to the school libary, the first book I checked out was about guns. In those days I was OK. Now, I suspect schools don’t even have books about guns.
    The first rule of ammo is: “There are no rules about naming ammo.” If you wanted to envent a new round, you can call it whatever you want. Years ago I was tasked with finding the “best” ammo for our police dept. I spent 2 weeks doing research…then found it had already been done by the FBI.

    I think I’ll start a new blog just about guns…. what should I call it?

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