This week, the Atlantic featured an article written by Jason Richards, detailing the history of gun shots used in popular music.  “From Tchaikovsky to NWA to Madonna, firearm noises have been used to amp up songs’ drama—and have sometimes caused real-world drama themselves.”  Though gunshot sounds have been heard in music in the past, today’s female pop stars like Minaj, Madonna, and Rihanna have picked up the pistols to communicate empowerment and dominance.

Richards goes on to say, “If there’s one common thread between almost every musical shot mentioned here, it’s narrative: They all intend to convey to listeners the visceral quality of gun-related experience.”

I don’t see any country songs on this list and I know that Junior Walker and Miranda Lambert both have songs with gunshots for effect.  What are some other songs featuring guns or gun shots that you love?




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