It has been 100 years tonight since the titanic tragically sank.  This story has been retold to every generation since.  The story continues to fascinate.  Is it the declarations that it was “Unsinkable”?  Is it the inside stories, the pressure to make record time, the Captain going down with the ship, the 3rd class passengers that were virtual prisoners?  The lack of life boats for everyone?  The countless stories of courages men and women standing steady and dying with courage?  Or the cowardly stories of men pretending to be women and hiding behind babies to save their own souls.

Tonight, I am sitting in my own back yard, by a fire on the patio – thousands of miles away from the freezing North Atlantic, and yet I feel chills as night falls.  I see flashes of ladies dancing, an orchestra playing, men smoking cigars, and lights sparkling on the chilly water.  I cannot imagine the terror that all, survivors and those who died alike, went through that night.  God rest their souls.

One interesting topic, related to this blog, and the Titanic is about the guns onboard. Check out this link to read a detailed account of some guns, flare guns, and gun related stories on this fateful night.  Very interesting!



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