Federal Cartridge Company In 1939

Federal Cartridge Company has been manufacturing small arms ammunition for over 80 years in Anoka, Minnesota. Over the last ten years, in reaction to increasing fears about tighter regulations for ammunition, the demand for ammo in this country has skyrocketed. This is due to those who own firearms for hunting, sport shooting and, more than ever — personal protection. About 1,400 people at Federal Cartridge and produce everything from low-caliber ammunition for weekend warriors to powerful cartridges for safari hunters. This articlequoted a 20% increase in shotgun shell production in just one year!

The shotgun shells area alone turns out more than 40 million rounds a month, an increase of about 20 percent from last year.

My overall favorite paragraph in the article, a quote from Jim Sable, executive director of the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League:

A Rifle and Pistol range owner in Burnsville Minnesota said he has to turn people away from beginners’ pistol classes.  He said another growth area is trap shooting, which has been expanded as a high school sport. This year the state has about 100 high school teams; there were just three in 2008.

This is telling me that Americans are getting out and shooting, planning for the future, and teaching their children.  Everything I encourage everyday!  The article had many more facts about the company and the ammunition in general.  please click here to read the entire article.



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