I have loved Bill Cosby since I was a young child – his humor, and common sense approach to life has made him an endearing celebrity.  This weekend Mr. Cosby weighed in on the Trayvon Martin case and I would like to discuss his stance and your thoughts here.  He was quoted as saying, “The Gun” empowered George Zimmerman and further explained, “Without a gun, I don’t see Mr. Zimmerman approaching Trayvon by himself.”  This last sentence is not really something to discuss, as it does have some merit.

The line in the article that fueled me to fire up the laptop and burn up the keys was the next statement Mr. Cosby said:


When you carry a gun, you mean to harm somebody, kill somebody.

What?  Did he really need to take his comments to that level?  This actually offended me, and shocked me.  It is such a blanket statement to make, very surprising coming from one of the biggest advocates of personal responsibility.  So tell me, readers of this blog, and proponents of CCW:  When you carry a gun, do you mean to kill or harm another person?



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  1. Bill Cosby should stick to comedy; a tragic event such as this does not suit his abilities. This entire case is amplified for gun control and racist rhetoric. Forty people were shot in Chicago the same day, and the youngest was an infant. Not one word from the celebrities on this, because the shooters were all black and many of the victims weren’t. Trayvon Martin was a tragic case of a good kid feeling his oats at a bad time and assuming his height advantage equaled victory in a situation where his words alone would have been sufficient to defuse the situation. George Zimmerman would not have pulled the trigger if he hadn’t been attacked; his history with neighborhood watch proved that. I don’t carry a gun, solely because in my state the act is illegal for all but the rich and powerful. I do carry other arms, and if this were a 2nd Amendment-abiding state, those would include firearms. I do NOT carry the arms which I have in order to kill or wound another person. I carry them as deterrent, but if needed I wouldn’t hesitate to use them to defend myself or another if the situation warranted.

    1. Two things: what Cosby said is just sad; especially for someone–as pointed out–who advocates personal responsibility.
      BUT, to lay all the blame on Martin and say that “…Zimmerman would not have pulled the trigger if he hadn’t been attacked” paints that 17 year old kid as the aggressor. It was Zimmerman who approached Martin, HE accosted Martin, HE scared Martin, HE chased Martin, HE made Martin feel threatened, and after Martin tried to get away from someone he thought was wanting to hurt him, he turned and stood his ground against this guy who was chasing him. For that, Zimmerman killed him.
      Zimmerman is no better than a mugger who’s victim fights back and is killed by the mugger–who then claims self defense ’cause the guy was winning.
      And yes, that gun empowered him to feel bigger, better and tougher than he was; allowing him to ignore the guidelines of every neighborhood watch program–observe and report.
      I’ve carried guns most of my adult life and have had my carry permit for over 20 and have never had to use it and pray I never have to.

      1. Wow.. sounds like you were right there watching it happen.. you have no clue what you are talking about except repeating bad information…

        According to eye witnesses Zimmerman didn’t pull the trigger until he was on the ground and getting his head bashed against the concrete… that’s when he stood his ground to save his own life. That’s when his gun ’empowered’ him… not before.

  2. Although I’m a fan of Mr. Cosby’s comedy work, I’m also aware that his carefully cultivated public image is not the real man. He’s actually not a very nice person. In reference to guns, I suspect that his son being a murder victim plays a large part in his attitude about guns.
    I think we would be better served if everyone refrained from making judgements about the Martin/Zimmerman situation until all the facts are known. We don’t know who attacked whom that night. We do know that George Zimmerman got himself into a situation he would have been better off avoiding. Unfortunately, having a gun may have given him some false bravado. Regardless of how the evidence turns out, I don’t believe that he carried a gun meaning to hurt someone, intending to kill someone.
    For myself, I carry a gun hoping that I will never need to use it. I continue to use common sense and situational awareness to attempt to avoid danger. As a responsible gun owner, I don’t go looking for trouble or try to act as cop or vigilante. So far so good. But, if the time comes that I need to defend myself, I will without hesitation.

  3. I have a CPL and was trained to carry a gun. My home has been broken into several times and I chose to NOT be a victim. I will not be pushed from my family home. In Michigan where I live, we have lots of crime and little money for police protection. Detroit and Flint are some of the worst cities, crime wise, in the country. In the past 2 weeks my motorcycle was stolen, during the day. I have been forced to have an alarm system on my house because of all the breakins over the years. I’ve had to put bars on my basement and first floor windows to help keep my home safe. My NEW snowblower was stolen a couple years ago after never even starting it, within two weeks of purchasing it. At this point Im thinking that I must move just to remain safe. Something has to give, but I wont be forced out of my home. A couple years ago, when my aunt was here alone, a man tried to break into the bathroom through the window. My aunt called the police and he was still trying to get in while she was calling the police. She was terrified! Why would you do this to an old lady? At this point I wont be pushed out, but I will never run unless I make that choice. If I have to use the gun to protect my home and family, I WONT HESITATE!

    1. Chris, Wow – I cannot even imagine this situation, although I know you have a very similar story to so many people. Most importantly, I am glad that you and your aunt have remained safe so far. Only you know the right thing to do for your safety as compared to the principle of remaining in your home. Glad you are armed, and I pray it never comes to that. Stay safe Chris!

  4. In the pic of Bill holding what sort of looks like a 1911, he’s violating rule #3…he has his finger on the trigger.
    I don’t usually go with what Hollywood types say in regards to firearms…neither do I listen to the general media…as in both cases, most are mentally short in true firearms knowledge.

    (that’s as polite as I can say it.)

    1. CI – I appreciate the politeness, but I’d take your comments anyway they come. **smile** The whole thing is goofy. I shouldn’t even get fired up about Cosby’s remarks, but many people actually do respect him. And I agree with you – Hollywood usually gets it wrong, just like Bill’s trigger finger.

  5. I carried a gun every day for 24 years as a police officer. Ever day, after I put on the uniform and before I started my patrol, I prayed for a boring shift. I didn’t carry a gun with the intent to harm or kill anyone nor do most of my brothers and sisters in police work. If that’s true, and seeing as how all police officers are drawn from the general citizenry, I’d say Bill was exactly, 180 degrees, completely and totally wrong. Intent to harm or kill is criminal intent. Let’s try and stay within the bounds of good sense and reason here shall we Mr. Cosby?

  6. Normally I agree with Cosby on a lot of social issues. But on this one, he’s an idiot.

    CC is for defense. Period. People who carry concealed without a permit (in states requiring one), those are the ones who mean us harm.

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