Bill Cosby was on CNN’s State of the Union tonight, in an interview with Candy Crowley. He brought the same common sense, calming talk regarding the race angle of this case. He clearly said he believes that race was not an issue in this case. “It doesn’t make any difference if he’s racist or not racist,” Cosby said, “If he’s scared to death and not a racist, it’s still a confrontational provoking of something” when a person has a gun on them.

Ok, so it was not a perfect interview. Mr. Cosby was softer in his words than he had been earlier in the week, but he still believes that before a person is allowed to purchase a gun they have very intense back ground checks.

You can see the torment on his face as he talks about this, you know he is thinking about his own son’s murder. Still, I am never going to believe that more and more background checks and gun control will keep the guns out of the hands of those who truly intend to do harm.

He did say one profound thing, “Once the bullet leaves the gun, you cannot take it back.” He quoted a police officer who gave him a gun that Mr. Cosby used to carry for self defense.

Mr. Cosby did say he does understand why a person would have a gun in their home, and does not mind if people have guns for protection within their homes. His issue is the guns out on the streets, concealed carry and the stand your ground law. He thinks that if someone has a gun on them they will use it to “win” an argument. I still say that those types of cases are likely caused by people who are not legally carrying a gun in the first place. As it has been stated on this site, the percentages of persons with legal conceal carry permits who commit crimes with their guns are extremely small.

Watch the interview here and let me know what you think:



3 Replies to “Bill Cosby Says Guns – Not Race Issue with Trayvon Shooting”

  1. He was right about the bullet leaving the gun. The only bullets I have ever been able to take back have been resume bullets. Although, those, too, are not easy. . .

  2. After being a cop for 32 years (before semi retirement) I found that we could often get to a call within 6-10 minutes…when the citizen needed us there in 20 seconds. I feel all decent citizens (not nuts, drug users, convicted felons) should be able to own a firearm for defense, target shooting etc.
    If I were in charge of the laws for CCW permits, I’d say:
    1.) Pass a back groun check
    2.) Pass a mental health screening
    3.) Take a class on laws, use of force and actually hitting targets
    4.) Pay a reasonable fee- and then you can carry a weapon.

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