I was just packing my range bag to take a girl friend to the range so we could find her a gun that is just right for her.  It kinda got me thinking….  What do YOU pack in YOUR range bag?’

I am just going for a few hours to an indoor range.  Here are the contents of my bag today:



  1. Glasses (x3)
  2. Hearing protection (x6) (plugs and muffs)
  3. Ammo (.45 and 9mm)
  4. Extra magazines
  5. Rags
  6. Baby Wipes
  7. Tape
  8. Various size/types of paper targets
  9. Pen and paper
  10. Sharpie Marker
  11. My adorable pink Springfield XD knit cap.
  12. A pack of gum in the outside pocket
  13. Lip gloss – you gotta look good holding that pistol!

Depending what you are up to day by day – it will be different…  So, let me know what you keep in your range bag(s)!

Happy Shooting!



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