I don’t know what to say about this. Is it a good idea, a goofy idea or a bad idea. It is a digital camera for photos or videos, shaped like a replica hunting rifle. The creators of the prototype: Randy and Michael Gregg developed it after they were out on a hunting trip, the day after deer season ended and came upon a deer bedded down. Because it was now out of season, they took a picture of the beautiful animal using their digital camera and the scope of their rifle. They used this successful photo as proof that they had indeed successfully stalked their prey, all without harming one hair on the creatures head. Kill Shot is the current name for this concept. Selling points they use to encourage investors to back the idea include: using it to train novice hunters with no danger to others and the feeling of being on a hunt while harming no wildlife. It seems mostly like a novelty type of item, maybe interesting for a certain group of people. Mostly, I think that those who would be interested in it would be those opposed to hunting – but it seems to me they would just bring an actual camera and maybe do not even own a gun of any kind.  Another group it might appeal to is kids, but it needs an orange safety tip to demonstrate that it is not a real gun. I am not sure about novice hunters. I know some of my readers are hunters, how were you trained?  Most of the people I know who hunt have been doing it all their lives with their dads or grandpas, and as far as I know, learned with actual guns.



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