There have been too many reports of accidents with guns this week, which only gives those against armed citizens more ammunition to lobby for tighter gun laws.

A three year old little boy in Washington State killed himself a few days ago after he played with the gun his dad left in the truck with he got out to fill up the gas tank.

A nine year old boy in Bremerton, WA accidentally shot an eight year old girl, Amina Kocer-Bowman.  He obtained the firearm by removing it from his parents glove box in the car. He placed the .45 in his backpack, and it accidentally went off when he dropped the backpack on a desk.

In Littlerock, Arkansas, Police say that a 9-year-old girl with high functioning autism, pulled the trigger in the fatal shooting of her 7-year-old brother while their parents were briefly away from their apartment.  Their mom and dad had the guns in a back bedroom in a case of some kind.  They left to sign a lease and say they might have been gone for 10 minutes or so.

In Stanwood, WA the 7-year-old daughter of a police officer died after being accidentally shot by her younger brother. The shooting occurred Saturday, when the siblings were alone in their parked family van and the boy found a loaded gun in the glove compartment, police said. The gun discharged as the boy was handling it. The children were alone in the car but their parents were nearby, police said. The girl, the oldest of four children, was rushed to a nearby hospital before being taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, where she died.

On the NRA Headquarters website they discuss training available to parents to help educate your children on the danger of a firearm.  Some simple, easy to remember steps for the kids are:


Don’t Touch.

Leave the Area.

Tell and Adult.

Owning a gun of any kind comes with serious responsibility.  The gun owners I spend time with take this very seriously, as I am sure the readers of this blog do. One of the kids was the son of a Police Officer, it is possible that the Officer became desensitized to the danger because of his constant contact with guns in his daily life.  Still, it is no excuse, and now his own daughter paid the ultimate price.  Besides the children injured or killed, the children who conducted the shooting will also be traumatized, and their entire family will never be the same.  One lax moment can cause a tsunami of ripples, impacting an entire community forever.

It is the responsibility of the gun owner to understand and follow all laws regarding gun ownership, storage, and transport of the weapon.  If you have a question, contact your local Police Department for additional information. Store your gun so they are not accessible by a child nor an unauthorized user. There are hundreds of styles of cases and safes that will help you with this, I will get some good examples up on this site before too long.

Please take this topic seriously, practice it every day – you will never forgive yourself if your child becomes this type of a victim.



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  1. The hardest part of gun education, is wondering how your child will react when in a situation where a gun is being passed around, or brandished, among a group. Will they freeze? Will they try to take charge? Will they “leave the area” and return out of concern for their friends? This is the rule that must be focused on, and stressed, and most certainly crafted to develop a behavior that youths can perform. These accidents are preventable by us, BUT, we have to see this through our children’s eyes, not only our own!

  2. RoadRider,

    As a mom – I know you are exactly right. Kids will frequently do the right thing when it is only up to them. But when surrounded by others, in the name of acceptance, they might be swayed. Thank you for focusing us on a area of gun education that is probably the most difficult!

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