(Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Sam Harrel) From left, Wynola Possenti, Phyllis Trickey and Dody Maki

These are three rocking Grandmas, and they have issued a challenge at their local range! Dodi Maki, Phyllis Trickey and Wynola Possenti are their names, and encouraging fun, safe, shooting is their game. They are true firearm ambassadors – encouraging women, children, and all people to get out and get shooting! To win a prize, you need to go to their actual range, and while a trip to Alaska would be fantastic, it may not be realistic. There is nothing to stop you all from accepting the challenge anyway, and competing against friends.  Here is a link to the rules. If you do – let us know how it goes!

The challenge, that uses a .22-caliber sporting rifle and a .22-caliber pistol, consists of the following events (fired in one shooting session):

A. Hunter – .22 Rifle, Target – TQ-14 Silhouette, 50ft, 20x, Standing
B. Bullseye – .22 Pistol, Target – B-2, 50ft, 10x, One-handed, Standing
C. Light Rifle – .22 Rifle, Target – A-36, 50ft, 10x (2x/bull), Standing

The above video shows the “Alaska Grandmas” in their commercial on their local TV station, promoting the event! Thanks ladies for what you are doing!



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