For years I have been in love with a 1911. Not just any 1911, a Nighthawk Predator II. The first time I held a custom 1911 in my hands, I knew I needed one. The craftsmanship, the beauty. The precision with which the parts fit together. The way the slide and the barrel fit so closely together that you cannot even barely see light, and yet due to the mastery, they never touch. Exquisite. There are many manufacturers that make 1911s, and custom 1911s that are near or equal to the quality of this Nighthawk, depending on your personal preference, but I have my heart set on this one.

I wrote this story today, because we are about to go over 1911 fans on our Facebook page. Please click here and join the discussion there as well!




7 Replies to “My Dream: A Custom 1911”

  1. I know exactly what you see in the Nighthawk. I bought a Colt Wiley Clapp version, just shortly before I saw the Predator II. Now, I have to rebuild the piggybank a bit, but I WILL have one of these, with V10 grips, in short order. It’s a beautiful piece, and I’m glad to know you are of like mind!

    1. Scotty,

      I just looked up a Colt Wiley Clapp – wow, nice. You do have good taste! I have actually gotten to shoot a Predator I, now nothing else will do. I go to gun stores, hold other 1911s, and even consider other models or manufacturers. I just keep coming back to this one.

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  3. Say that worse comes to worst and you have to shoot someone to save your life and you end up on trial.

    Do you really want the prosecutor to repeatedly tell the jury that your gun is a ‘predator II’?

    I’m sure it’s a fantastic gun but it would be much better if it was called the defender or guardian.

    1. Al,

      Oh my goodness – you may have a point. How about I get this gun, admire it, take it to the range, clean it, love it, then admire it some more. I’ll just use my XD if, God forbid, it is ever needed.

      You did make me smile tonight though!

  4. I am a hard core 1911 fan. The first one I shot was when I was an 18 year old PFC 81mm gunner. That 1911 was made in the 1940’s and after each 5 shots, the rear sight would fall out.
    When I came home, one of the first guns I bought was a Gold Cup 1911….for $250. It shot perfect and I carried for several years as a cop and shot match with it. I wore it out. I’ve had several 1911, and now I carry a Para LDA 1911 45. It holds 14 rounds of the beast ammo.

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