Shooting of all kinds can be a challenging fun sport. But, when you get right down to it – we need our firearms to protect ourselves, especially as women. Even if a man were to enter our home unarmed (with ill intent) it would not be a fair fight. I found a few stories in the news, today alone, to remind us that this is a real threat:

1. This afternoon, here in San Diego, a woman and her three children were tied up by a man who entered her home to do harm. Once he tied them up, he tried to sit the house on fire. He must not have planned to start a fire, because it quickly went out and he fled. (He is still on the loose.)

2. at 1:15am this morning in Gaston, NC a woman named Lisa Goude called the police to report a breaking and entering in progress. The man tried to get in her front door, then went to the back and did enter. She shot him once, he continued to walk around her house holding his wound, she shot him again and killed him. This man may have been schizophrenic, but there was no time for a psychological examination before she fired. She did what she had to do.

3. In Davie County, NC a pair of men entered a home with the intent to commit robbery. they were armed with handguns. No one was home, but unfortunately, a house keeper did arrive during the crime. The men forced her inside and tried to get her to open a safe, when she could not, they put her under a staircase. She left after the men departed the premises and went next door and called the police. The criminals stole other firearms and are still on the loose tonight. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Davie County Sheriff’s Office at 336-751-6238.

4. This pair has been caught, but in Genesee County Michigan, a man and his occasional female accomplice were arrested today. They are suspected in about 30 (YES THIRTY) home invasions since November 2011.

5. In Rockford, Il a man was arrested after conducting a home invasion Thursday afternoon. The victim was a 52 year old male, and was battered by the suspect. The suspect fled and he was quickly apprehended by the Police.



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