I love my Springfield XD 45, but for me it did have one flaw, the trigger. Because a 45 is a larger round, I used to think it was loud. (That before I had the chance to shoot an AE AI Mk II .308 – now, THAT is loud.)  Also, I have version of the XD45 with a 4″ barrel, so it kicks just a little. The standard trigger that came on the gun had a good amount of travel, and I began to seriously anticipate the blast. My friend/trainer spent a lot of time with me back then tricking me by switching a empty magazine with a loaded magazine so I never knew if I would hear the BOOM when the gun went off or not.  That helped a lot to rid me of my “flinch”. I also decided that all the travel in my trigger was making me crazy, by making me pull, pull, pull, pull – then BOOM.  From the time I put my finger on the trigger to the time I saw a muzzle flash, There seemed to be all kinds of time available to anticipate how steady I wanted to be, the theory of relativity, how I might solve world hunger, and eventually just how loud my gun would be. One time during my pulling trigger “thinking time”, I decided I just needed a better trigger.

There are a couple places to get XD trigger kits, I called Power River Precision and talked to a tech there. He asked me a bunch of questions, and I ended up telling him I was in the Navy. We made the sales transaction and I got off the phone and didn’t think much else about it.  A few days later I got a big envelope in the mail. I opened it and found my trigger AND this adorable XD Knit Cap. There was one other item, a hand written note personally thanking me for my military service and the hope that I would enjoy my new trigger. I thought that was so kind.  Even though most days it is pretty warm here in San Diego, I keep my pink XD knit cap in my range bag just for good luck.  I love it!



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  1. a few years ago, my #2 son bought a XD 9mm. I shot it and liked it more than my Glock 17 (that I got really cheap used). So I traded my G17 for a XD 45 compact and love it. I have the stock trigger, but I’m thinking of changing the sights.
    The anticipation problem you had is a “normal humane reaction to a violent noise and something trying to beat our hands”

  2. I’m really glad I found this post. This is exactly the experience I have had with my XD45 service. I love it but the take-up is a little much. Maybe I am just picky but I will definitely be contacting Power River for the pink cap for the GF (and a new trigger kit for me). Let me thank you as well for your service Lil. Keep shooting!

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