You see the most interesting things at a NASCAR race.  This weekend I went to Phoenix, AZ to watch the second to last Sprint Cup race of the season.  I usually make it to one or more races every year – and Phoenix is a great one if you get the opportunity.  I love the activity, the Speed TV stage, the people (I swear – they are ALL nice), the smells, the frozen margarita machines, AND the wild food options. 

This year I saw the stand for BBQ Beef sandwiches and as I turned toward it – the “Rattlesnake Fritters” booth caught my eye.  I told one of my buddies that I had to take a picture for my blog.  My friend sat me straight, and said, “NO!  If you are going to blog about it, you better taste it!”  Yes, that was the right answer.  There was actually a long line for this treat.  I bravely walked up, handed over my $7.00 and received this plate of food:

I chose one of the crispy treats, dipped it lightly in the sauce provided on the side and just went for it.  I popped it in my mouth and was fully delighted!  It was lightly fried, perfectly crispy, and tender.  The sauce was a creamy chipolte sauce with just the right amount of zing.  It went perfect with my frozen margarita.  I am not a big fan of fried food, so I will not eat these often.  Still, do not be afraid if a race fan suggests that you try a plate of Rattlesnake Fritters.  They go with racin’ like Petty and Earnhardt!



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  1. What? No “It tastes like chicken” comment? If you’re ever interested in expanding your gastronomical horizons, I suggest you try the wiggly critters BBQ’d, shis-kebobbed or dumped in a chili. mmmmmm-mmmmm!

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