Evil the way I remember it when I first joined the Navy

Demons walk on the earth, charismatic, convincing, deadly.  Three of the most evil men walking the earth in my lifetime were Muʿammar al-Qaḏḏāfī, Saddam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden.   Qaḏḏāfī was killed today, another evil dictator who finally met an end fitting of the reign of his terror.  He had been leading Libya for over 42 years.  As the news spread this morning and the details became known, I found myself marveling at the last decade.  Between Qaḏḏāfī, Suddam Hussain, and Osama Bin Laden evil has suffered a severe blow.  These three monsters have been in my memories of world politics longer than I remember paying attention to such things.  Then, in a five year period, all three of them have been wiped from the face of the earth.  

I only regret their countries had to see such destruction. My heart breaks for those who were so close to the flame for so long that they do not have another point of view to reference how their life might have been with more freedom.  What would these countries have been like if the wealth taken from the backs of its people was not stolen by the villains leading with an iron fist.  

Let us not rest, for there is much evil left.  I say this and “US” means “good” humans.  Yes, there are too many evil leaders still wreaking havoc, those who do not care as much for their people as they do about their own power.  Those who are clearly psychopaths.  The world is complicated, and the United States cannot just go take out every evil dictator.  (Although sometimes I wish it were so easy for the sake of the people of North Korea or the families torn apart by Cuban regime.)  Aside from larger than life evil figures, there is evil in our midst daily.  At a basic level, people are either good or evil.  It really comes down to that.  Sure, good people might do something bad, or make a mistake, and an evil person might do good to hide their maniacal nature, but truly at their core they are either good or evil.   

Lets do our part to shine the light of goodness everywhere we go, remembering always that evil does exist.  Remembering always that if we don’t fight against it, it will win.  

Congratulations today Libya.  Welcome to your liberation – my prayers are with your country and future leaders!



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