Arizona Cardinal’s Defensive Lineman, Darnell Dockett is getting a lot of heat the past day or so for tweeting about almost bringing his gun to work.  Er – well, at least he is getting a lot of heat for deciding to tweet the he accidentally, “almost” brought his nickel plated Glock to work.

The truth is, it seems he was doing every thing legally, according to Arizona state gun laws.  He is an NFL player, and as a result is more likely a target for crime than the average joe on the street.  You’re damn right – if I were Darnell, I would be carrying too.  Heck, if I were an average joe in Arizona, I would carry – when ever and where ever possible.

If you take a look at his tweets, apparently, his mother had been murdered and he says “She did not have a gun to protect her.”  We have no idea about his past life before football, and most of us cannot imagine what it is like to manage the crazies out there when we have money and fame as well.

Did Darnell do anything wrong?  Well, similarly to those of you who are “survivalists” who are preparing for  2012, stocking up food, and finding ways to survive “off the grid” (which I generally support) – it is not wise to announce too loudly you are making such preparations.  If you advertise that you are working like the ant, when the do-do hits the fan, the lazy grasshoppers will surely come knocking.

I feel the same way about concealed carry permits, if you are carrying – there is no need to announce it to the world.  You are probably safer just quietly handling business if it ever actually comes to that.

The worst part of this whole story is not Darnell’s tweets, nor the fact that he “almost” took the gun to practice.  The worst part is how the gun control advocates are acting like he may as well have beat a child.  They are calling for fines, they want the NFL to suspend him from a game or two.  Are you kidding me?  He realized his error, he did not break any laws, no one was hurt, the gun was never fired.  I just wish people would calm down and come back to earth – just a little common sense would be nice.

We can debate how necessary it is to discuss this on social media, but heck – I guess we can say that about 80% of the topics on twitter and Facebook.  Mr. Dockett – I don’t think you did anything wrong.  I am glad you are carrying, for the sake of you and your family.  Stay safe.



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