I found this story via the Bond Girl Bootcamp Facebook page, and from beginning to end, I fell in love with this lady!

Her name is Nancy Wake, she just died at the age of 98. She is exactly the type of woman this site celebrates – strong, talented, AND sassy!

A couple of my favorite lines from the article:

“I was not a very nice person,” Ms. Wake told an Australian newspaper in 2001. “And it didn’t put me off my breakfast.”

“I was never afraid,” she said. “I was too busy to be afraid.”

In her life, there were several movies made of her life (or based on her life) and she usually approved of them, except when they suggested she had love affairs during the war. She swears she did not have any love affairs.

“And in my old age, I regret it,” she said. “But you see, if I had accommodated one man, the word would have spread around, and I would have had to accommodate the whole damn lot!”

In all seriousness, read the article, it tells a story better than a James Bond movie.



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