There is news of an awesome fellow lady blogger who is ready to break into the land of “heels and handguns”!  Her name is bookworm, and she lives in San Francisco.  She is looking for a friendly instructor to go shooting with her – someone that can teach her.  Interestingly enough, another mutual blogger friend of ours, Navy One at “The Mellow Jihadi“, has volunteered to pay for the ammo of anyone willing to teach her.

I have to say, “You rock Navy One!” To so eagerly encourage a future Annie Oakley.  To Bookworm, I want to say, “You go girl!”  And, I hope you fully enjoy your experience.  It looks like there have already been many good suggestions and that you will be in good hands.  I cannot wait to hear about your experiences and see your targets!

I think we should all follow Navy One’s lead and take some future sharpshooters under our wings and help them to find the knowledge to be a confidant gun owner.  The more good people we arm, the better our chances will be.



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