When I drive to work, I enjoy every minute. Sometimes I feel as if me and my car are one. The music plays and I think I have dropped a quarter in some type of arcade game. It is my mission to get to work – in spite of the obstacles in my path. I drive a Mazdaspeed 3 – nothing but FUN! This is like being in a go-cart all the time. Yeah, it’s a sleeper though. People who are uneducated about this car are caught off guard all the time. It is an unbelievably awesome vehicle, especially for the price. It has 256hp in a 4 cylinder engine, a turbo charger, and sleek styling. Because of it’s light weight – this thing shoots off the line like a rocket ship. The only thing you have to be careful of, is it almost has too much power for its own good, so you better have a hold of the steering wheel, because the torque steering will get ya.

One of my friends who has experienced the power of my Mazdaspeed3 and has also read my blog was giving me some advice. He said, “Hey, maybe you should try writing the way you drive…”

“What??” I say – with the ‘this better be good or I am going to kick you’ look on my face.

He continued, “You know, sudden left turns – that no one is prepared for, followed by intense acceleration, then slam on the breaks and make the passengers dig their nails into the dashboard.”

I was about to say I don’t really drive like that, but – well….  you know.

Hmmmm…..  Maybe he is on to something.



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    1. Thanks Navyone, for having my back! (Ha!) I think you (and your neighborhood) are safe. He is a literary expert, and so are you! (Wait a minute…) Seriously, I am open to feedback on my writing – but, if he wants to race I’ll leave him in my dust!

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