You mess with a girl’s gun and things can only get worse for you: Ok, I know this story has been going around for a week or so – but, there is an update. As is usually the case, you can’t make this stuff up! Truth is stranger than fiction.

Brad Keselowski (my 2nd favorite NASCAR driver) has gotten a little bit of a bad boy image over the last couple of years.  His win and his persistence in spite of a broken ankle might be earning him the respect he deserves. AND – he is the best driver to follow on twitter – endlessly entertaining! Read about it all here!

$2.00 Gas?? Well – vote for Michele Bachmann and she says it will happen.  I am a fan, but the things politicians say are interesting during campaigns.  Of course, she could be talking about South Dakota or Wyoming.  Since I live in California currently, it seems like a fairy tale to me.

True:  President Obama’s advisors should give him training on rendering a proper salute. Here is a video of fairly good salute training:



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