I have come to the conclusion that ammo is just too expensive in California AND too hard to find.  Heck, a box of 50 .45 rounds could feed a child in Africa for a year.  It may be time to start reloading my own ammo.  The gun I usually take to the range is my Springfield XD 45, and I really love the power when firing, but sometimes I just rent a .22 so I can enjoy my time on the range and not have to worry how I am going to eat tomorrow.  I learned how to reload .45s on a Dillion Square Deal ‘B’ Press.  They are reasonably priced, and easy to use.  Are there any good alternatives?  Or maybe just a really good place to buy cheaper quality ammo?  I will do some more research and let ya’ll know what I figure out.



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  1. Just discovered your blog, thanks to The Mellow Jihadi. Nice. I’m takin’ my oldest granddaughter to the range tomorrow before she departs for college on Saturday. How did she grow up so quick? Seems like yesterday she was learning to walk.

    The Dillon products are great. I’ve got a 650 progressive set up for .22 Hornet gathering dust in storage that I might be willing to part with, rather cheaply…

    1. Flugelman,

      I hope you and your granddaughter have a great time at the range. I am so glad you are taking her. My mom used to take me when I was young, and it really made a difference in my confidence and love of firearms in general. I have a daughter, still in high school. I haven’t taken her yet, but it is just about time. Let me know how she likes it!

      Interesting you should bring up the Dillion 650, my favorite shooting buddy and I talk about it all the time. It is the one I really want, but just wondering if the price is worth it. A family member has the Dillion Square Deal B Press, so we know that does the trick. However, the 650 would be awesome. We should talk, if you really are interested in parting with it.

      Thanks for taking time to look at my blog – I truly appreciate it!

      1. Lil,
        Retired Navy guy here. You still AD?

        Been taking her shooting for some time now. She loves it and is proficient with both pistols and long guns.

        Email me about the 650.


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