This morning I watched and listened to CNN’s coverage as the Libyan Rebels stormed the compound of Colonel Muammar al-Qaddfi, basically the equivalent of the White House in the United States. I was riveted. The potential birth of freedom and democracy (however uncertain) and the demonstration of what a people can do when they work together.  I hope the United States still have this passion when we really need it.

Today besides the historical element, the overthrowing of a maniacal dictator who has been suppressing his people for over 40 years, I was wowed by CNN Correspondent, Sara Sidner.  Sara and her team were incredibly brave.  I marveled at how cool she was in the face of war, what a clear head she had, how well she spoke and thought as gunfire erupted around her in urban warfare. Watch her in action here.

Sara – you may not have been carrying a gun yourself, but the story you told was just as powerful.



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