Me in my mid-calf dark blue dress with white polkadots, bordering on 50’s vintage, the one that goes perfect with my favorite red high heels. I was waiting for a friend, and had succumbed to leaning against a giant pillar in a large hall with endless marble floors, a majestic room.

A friend of a friend, who I had only been introduced to an hour before came up to me in a quiet moment and whispered, “You look exactly like Betty Grable.”

This seemed like a complement, and I know you all are thinking a flirting moment (sorry, I am 100% sure he was gay – my friend told me before hand.)

I just smiled as demurely as I am capable (because I did not have any idea what TO say.)

Then he just said, “You already knew that didn’t you?  You know exactly what you are doing.”

What does THAT mean?  Well, I don’t care – I liked it.  I don’t know which part I liked better, the comparison to a beautiful classic movie star OR the part that I was assumed to “know exactly what I was doing.”

Made this tough ole girl smile!



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