After two days on the road, and two national parks, I pulled into my mom’s driveway, exhausted and ready to do anything – except drive!  After the first five minutes of “hellos” and “how are yous”, my mom tossed me the keys to her new brand new Chevy Camero and told me to take it for a spin.  I almost turned her down, but quickly decided this may be the only time she asked and I better not pass up the chance.

It had been a while since I drove a muscle car with over 400hp, but I do own a 6-speed now, and took to the Camero like a duck to water.  As I worked my way through the gears on a straight country road, the numbers in the heads-up display kept on a climbin’, I heard my mom begin to talk about the cops we might see and that the speed limit is only 45.  I looked at her like she was not making any sense.  I wondered if she thinks about those things when she is driving on prairie highway, with nothing but cornfields in sight.  No, I know my mom, she weened me on a 1971 Stingray Corvette (with a white ragtop.)  That woman is wild – and she can drive!  There is a reason my name is “Lil’ Chantilly!”  My mom came before me and now you know how I got to be this way!



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