I just finished reading Colossus, the history of building the Hoover dam near Las Vegas.  This project was an amazing undertaking, especially for the time.  The temperatures alone made the task impossible, and the task was already impossible.  American ingenuity came through, just like it always has and always will, assuming we stay out of our own way.

Then, this morning on Facebook a friend of mine suddenly posted in all caps, “WE LANDED ON THE MOON!  BADASS!”  Yes, he is nearly 50 years late to that celebration, but is it ever too late to celebrate something like that??  No, no – it will never be too late.  In the morning, at 5:56am EDT, the last Space Shuttle will land. Remember when the first one was launched, and the pride we felt?  Watch it tomorrow and find a spark of that pride again.

We don’t need philosophies bordering on socialism, all the Americans I know, from all across the country, are not afraid of working.  They just want something to believe in, the American dream.  A fleet of space shuttles, a colossus of a dam, a man on the moon.  Something once thought impossible, and now within our reach due to our American spirit.



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