Even though this is a blog about a tough yet girly chick, I was thinking back on my deployment on the USS Abraham Lincoln at the beginning of the current Iraq war, and I remembered a sea story about the opposite case. My fellow female Junior Officers and I had a Cappuccino machine in our stateroom (which is a great story in it’s self.) Occasionally, to escape from the reality that we were on the longest deployment since World War II, we would have poetry time. During this time, we would all sit in a circle, drink our custom “Starbucks” drinks, and we would each bring a poem of our choosing to share with the group. These passages would transport us to other places and times, and truly relieved the stress.

Word spread around the ship that we were the purveyors of fine lattes, and more and more people wanted to “share” the joy. Two of my best friends on the ship, both Junior Officers as well, a SEAL named Jason and an EOD officer we just called Ace, asked us if we would make them an overly caffeinated drink with the best foam west of Seattle. We told them we would, but they would have to bring a poem to share with the group. They were so in need of good espresso that they reluctantly agreed. We took the machine to the wardroom and we all sat around a table and indeed, Jason and Ace kept their promise and each shared a poem as they sipped their cappuccino. It was the darnedest thing I witnessed on that ship – two of the toughest guys on the ship, with jobs that are among the most dangerous in the world, and I watched them relax, laugh, smile, and forget – just for a moment where we were.

It was a great day. As Jason and Ace walked away from our little coffee shop away from home – I heard them say “If you tell anyone we did this we will kill you.” They looked pretty serious.

(Please don’t tell them I told you! )



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